Cradle to Career Roadmap

The “Cradle to Career Roadmap” identifies key milestones in a child’s academic/career, and personal/social readiness, encouraging partnerships with all sectors of the community to support the goal of meeting the educational needs of all students from cradle to career.

The Cradle to Career Roadmap depicts the collaborative continuum approach in which families, educators, government, business, labor, faith and community-based organizations act as pillars of support for students. The Roadmap is based on students achieving specific academic and career readiness mile-markers at each age and grade level, and also acknowledges the personal/social readiness factor that are so critical to the academic success of our students. 

"Let's work collectively, as leaders and servants of this county, so that all students can prosper from cradle to career." 

-Ted Alejandre (County Superintendent)

Our interactive Cradle to Career Roadmap is a work in progress, but try it below.